Fort William Health Centre still making the news four years on….

17th October 2011 0

A recent edition of Lochaber Life featured an independent view on how successful the Fort William  Health Centre has been for the local community, four years on from completion and the formal opening by Prince Edward in October 2007.

Commenting on the design features, both external and internal, the writer, James Holden, former Head of Roads & Transportation at Leicestershire Council, highlights the benefits of the light, airy space, with high windows, stained glass and cheery artwork, and how the building itself ‘leads you easily in’ to the reception area with the curved desk, to the waiting area and onto the consulting rooms beyond.  Research has backed up the therapeutic effect this calming atmosphere can have on patients. The building received a resounding positive response, not only from the patients, but also the staff who speak of how they value their working environment.

Describing the overall outward appearance of the health centre as ‘strong, modern, professional looking but still welcoming’, and finding it difficult to come up with any negative points, the writer’s overall opinion was that it was a highly successful building and one that set the standard for others to follow.