Hub West Scotland – 5 Years in Partnership

18th April 2018 0

It is hard to believe that Apollo’s Multi Agency PPP Joint Venture, hub West Scotland (hWS) has been in operation for five years.

This year the Annual Report, which can be viewed under, celebrates the significant quality of buildings and economic impact we have achieved by working in partnership during this relatively short period of time.

Delivering now over £400M worth of new (including £140m of multi award winning health & care) facilities for our local communities is an outstanding achievement and an important investment in the West of Scotland. It is impressive that, during a period of significant financial challenge, the public sector has invested in health and care centres, community buildings and new schools replacing out-dated parts of its estate, transforming how it delivers and improves services to the public. Estates have been rationalised and agile working, once a new phenomenon, now feels common-place.

In preparation for the next chapter hWS has recently refreshed its supply chain. New members have been invited to join and existing members, who have demonstrated a clear commitment to partnering, have been retained. hWS is excited by the potential to continue to provide a fast and efficient development and commercial management service, extend our involvement in education and early years provision and offer Participants an innovative and highly competitive solution to the social housing challenge.

At the same time hWS continue to promote involvement with Participants at a strategic level, assisting them in longer-term asset planning and the development of models to address service and financial challenges that they face.

hWS are both proud to have been involved in the investment and quality of projects delivered in our local areas and look forward to adding to the many successes and award-winning projects completed to date.

These successes demonstrate strong foundations for further strengthening the West Territory Partnership. hWS are excited by the opportunity to build a more strategic relationship with Participants, develop a stronger understanding of challenges and act proactively to offer solutions, improve value for money and deliver improved services within reducing budgets.

Early engagement creates the greatest opportunity to add value hence we encourage Participants to invite hub West Scotland to contribute to the development and delivery of Estate Strategies.

Further benefits will be delivered evolving from the commissioning of individual projects to a programme approach – this would fully exploit the advantages and capabilities of the Partnership, realise collaboration opportunities and provide maximum certainty over affordability and programme targets.

The hub West Scotland team is proud of the Partnership’s achievements and motivated by the opportunity that we share to deliver even greater value for money and take forward developments that have a positive impact on our communities.


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