Orchard View picks up 2 Awards

20th November 2017 0

After 10 years in the waiting, Orchard View was a dream come true, constructed and completed on 17th July 2017, through the Hub procurement process.  After a short Client Commissioning period, 42 patients moved in on Saturday 19th August 2017, with the coordinated aid of the Ambulance Services.  The icing on the cake was when it was announced at the 2017 Scottish Health & Social Care Facilities Conference, that Orchard View had won the Design Excellence Award for Scotland.  Within 10 minutes a second Award was bestowed upon the Project – the Paul Taylor Award in recognition of being the best overall submission.

Neither size nor budget have been the credentials of the Project; but recognition that the Project has made a significant contribution in its design, that has been Patient/Client focussed, functional, innovative and sustainable.

Without a doubt, with Apollo forming part of the Team on the Project Board and Delivery Group; the Patients, their families and local community had clearly been the constant focus; while overcoming the many hurdles of a new Project, to create a new home for 42 Patients.  It was said recently by the NHS Greater and Glasgow Services Manager, Gillian Robb; that the success of the Project was not down to an individual but the result of everyone who had been involved.


“Taj Mahal was built as a team; without a team, it was a far dream”

 (Vinita Kinra, author)


For more information can be found on the project page