Scottish Mental Health Festival 2016

18th October 2016

On Sunday evening 9th October 2016, James Arthur sang his latest UK No. 1 hit, ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’, to the public on British TV. Appearance of being successful masks the mental health challenges that face the X Factor pop star.  Through his own issues, James Arthur has become the Ambassador for the UK charity SANE.

According to ‘Mind’, 1 in 4 people in the UK are affected by some form of mental health issue, which comes in all shapes and forms.

Monday 10th October 2016 was recognised as World Mental Health Day and marked the commencement of 3 weeks of events throughout Scotland. This being the 10th Anniversary of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival. Within the Glasgow area, the annual Mental Health Conference was held on 12th October 2016, at The Beacon Arts Centre, in Greenock, culminating with an exhibition.

The Orchard View development has been recognised for its contribution to mental health wellbeing and arts within a mental health environment; and was invited to exhibit material intended for installation within the completed Orchard View home for 42 patients. Memory boxes to fill the memory wall, along with photographs of local features. Other drawings and paintings lined the walls, produced by individuals with mental health issues, within the Greenock area.

Relatives and friends of patients along with artists, staff and those associated with the Orchard View development were invited to a private viewing of the Exhibition on the 12th October 2016; giving insight into a few of the ‘art’ projects to adorn the patients’ new home.

As specialists in the development, investment and management of primary healthcare premises in the UK; Apollo has been privileged to work as both Project Manager and currently as Employer’s Agent on this hub Project. While England awaits the outcome of the Estates and Technology Transformation Fund, Scottish hubs continue to support the Primary and Social Care infrastructure with refurbishment and new Projects. Orchard View will be a healthcare benefit to the Community of Greenock and Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS.