South Queensferry – Bridging the Gap

7th February 2018 0

Working within an existing Health Centre poses its own unique challenges and relies upon the Contractor and Professional Team to coordinate with the Building Users. Three construction phases later, saw the last section of the Works returned to the South Queensferry Medical Practice for their use, on 1st February 2018.

Without adding a single extension, the clinical space increased by 5 Rooms, along with a new access WC and 2 other WCs for Patients and Staff; a large records archive store; and a larger open plan Admin Office. Space planning by the Architect DKB Douglas Associates made efficient use of the existing spaces. Cleverly moving existing functions within the Building like a Rubik’s puzzle to create space; infilling under-used space; and, repositioning structural walls to more evenly distribute space. Just like its spectacular view of the three South Queensferry Bridges, the re-modelling bridged the gap to form new rooms.

With ever increasing house building within the South Queensferry area and general pressures upon practices within the immediate areas of Edinburgh; demand has been placed upon the South Queensferry Practice to increase their patient list. The new clinical accommodation and larger admin space will facilitate provision of better and increased services for the local community of Edinburgh.

The re-modelling of the South Queensferry Medical Practice while occupied, demonstrates Apollo’s versatility to collaborate on varying scales and complexity; from a 6,732m2 new-build Health and Care Centre for a Scottish hub: to a modest scale remodelling of a live facility on behalf a listed institutional investor.