WellSpring Partnership

8th November 2010 0

The hub initiative reflects a national Scotland-wide approach to the delivery of new community infrastructure, and is set to revolutionise the way Scotland”s public bodies plan new facilities and deliver their services.

Established specially for the hub initiative, Apollo Capital Projects is delighted to partner with Community Solutions in the joint venture, WellSpring Partnership, which offers the opportunity to develop modern integrated community and primary care facilities and services.

Working to bring together public sector agencies to explore the possibilities of integrated services, improving procurement, aligning strategies and delivering greater value, the ultimate objective of the consortium is to improve the health and well-being of communities in a long term, sustainable manner. The combination of the consortium”s record of delivering innovative, state of the art property solutions, together with their wealth and knowledge of wider investments relating to regeneration projects incorporating Health, Social Work and Local Authority Services, the Wellspring Partnership takes on the responsibility of sharing learnings and delivering ongoing change to the benefit of Scottish communities.

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